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We help you create responsible, innovative digital solutions following the principles of Privacy by Design and Responsible AI.

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About Us

About Us

Rhite is a Privacy Engineering hub: a place where we join, connect, share and work together with others in the field of Privacy by Design & Responsible AI.

We are committed to contribute to the creation of innovative digital solutions with responsibility in mind, not only by protecting personal data, but most importantly: individuals and society.

Our focus goes beyond the technical aspects of data protection. We believe solutions should be designed and built based at least on the five core values represented in our name RHITE.

  • Responsible
  • Humane
  • Ingenious
  • Transparent
  • Empathic

Let us help you build solutions in the rhite way ;-)

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How we can help you

How we can help you

We are specialists in Privacy Engineering, Privacy by Design and Responsible AI. And we like to share our knowledge with you.


Together we look for the best suitable solution for your technical question and will guide you with the implementation of Privacy by Design and Responsible AI.

Responsible AI

Learn how to build Responsible AI systems and how to assess their possible adverse impacts.

Let us be the guide of your compliance journey towards the upcoming EU AI Act.


Learn how to apply Privacy by Design and Responsible AI from a legal and technical perspective. Our hands-on trainings can take you one step further in your career.


We connect the academic and industry world. We collaborate and learn from each other.


Do you want to get to know us better? Contact us for a visit, we'll make sure the coffee is ready.



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